Just another one our more lazy weeks..

So today was kind of disappointed.

Firstly, we were supposed to move to a live-recording of The Price is Appropriate today. I posted a standing about it and everybody seemed so energized for our team that I didn’t get the guts to tell them that our plans fell through ):

Mentor Hohle wanted us to try to find the interplay between politics and Hollywood and I have a couple thoughts. Reagan was unquestionably an “amusement”- leader that is Esque. Folks knew him because he was an actor and arguably that played with a significant role in receiving votes. Some body folks probably previously knew, he turned out to be a household name and liked from his films and I wouldn’t be astonished to discover a lot of folks chosen for him ergo alone. With this specific in mind, the tour discussed his wife a whole lot, who left Hollywood to be with Reagan and help him during his presidency. She too was a well known name and the set of them were apparently a formidably political team. He was the large image politician and she had a more penetrating eye for politics. It’s not uninteresting to think Nancy had such a powerful effect on Reagan determinations throughout his terms.

From there we decided to visit the Reagan Collection (which we were supposed to do to morrow) because we didn’t really have any other strategies. The catalogue was in the Valley and it was not quite uninteresting. We got to walkthrough the Air Pressure One plane that travelled Reagan around at the same time as a memorial filled with letters, Reagan’s garments, movies, and additional such souvenirs.

I know more about Reagan than I have done before the trip, mostly that his marriage with his wife was the most cute thing on the planet.

They certainly were only so…cute. I don’t know how to describe it. He authored her over 700 love characters, some that were displayed in the museum. It was center-wrenching.

Therefore yes. That has been the catalogue. We invested 2 and half an hour driving residence (BLEGH) to the dorms to change before maneuvering to the Blue-Water Grill for dinner. It’s definitely not my favorite restuarant from the trip although it was not pretty bad.

We went straight back to the truck which was parked in the kinky outdoor mall called The Grove. Seemingly, if you’re a celebrity, it is were you shop. It had an intense Ca feel to it and was really, really fine. I was definitely surprised we didn’t see anyone famous while we are there.

We drove for about a hr, left the dorms at 10am, and after that made the fastest quit possible for 1 1 at In n’ Away Burger. We wound up having to eat in the car (which was an adventure) because we had to be at The Price is Right at noon. The seats said to be there at noon and we did exactly what they said! EXACTLY. We jumped in line and waited for about 20 minutes when we got there. This man arrived and started checking every one and the point is, take off by RIGHT IN FRONT OF America, then. Everyone from our group and behind wasn’t permitted in because there were too lots of people. It was fricken worthless. Our team was so thrilled and we’d spent the previous night studying facebook clips and quizzing each other. It had been our huge disappointment of the entire excursion ):

Just two mo Re days. I’m a strange mixture of sad and thrilled.

With that, pajama time!